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The vegetarian original for the out-of-home market

Welcome to VEGETA's world of vegetables!

VEGETA is the vegetarian food service brand and innovation leader when it comes to delicious and first-class enjoyment from the vegetable world. With more than 25 years of experience, VEGETA presents a wide and unique vegetarian product variety for the out-of-home market.

In the field of catering and gastronomy, VEGETA offers the best vegetarian competence with innovative deep-frozen convenience products for time-saving, demand-oriented preparation, perfect every time and a varied range of vegetarian menus.

VEGETA has always stood for the best vegetarian enjoyment and relies on exquisite raw materials and creative recipes. The VEGETA-PRINCIPLE always guarantees natural product enjoyment without the need to declare additives on menus, without artificial colouring and preservatives and without yeast extract.

Eater's pleasure, success of the user with creation of the best vegetarian product ideas always takes the centre stage - according to the motto:

...inspired by vegetables, created for enjoyment!

Vegetarian meatball made from soy & wheat protein, refined with spelt, marjoram and parsley.
Vegan rice-based stick, refined with wakame seaweed and lemon, in a crunchy breadcrumb coating.
Vegan rice-based burger coated in a crispy cornflakes breading.


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