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Filled potato Schnitzel!

Discover the versatility of Potato Schnitzel for a delicious and varied vegetarian diet. With tasty fillings, the terrific tubers become a delicious experience on the plate. The trendy version with sweet potato sets a special highlight on your menu. 


Give it a try – your guests will be thrilled!
Vegeta products are always trend-conscious, cosmopolitan and bring variety to the menu. The Vegeta principle always guarantees natural product enjoyment without any additives requiring declaration on the menu, without artificial colourings and preservatives and without yeast extract.

Potato Schnitzel "Cream Spinach"

Potato Schnitzel with a filling of cream spinach, cream cheese, ricotta and crème fraiche, refined with spices.

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Sweet potato Schnitzel "Cream Cheese-Herbs"

Sophisticated Schnitzel from sweet potatoes and potatoes, filled with cream cheese, ricotta and herbs, rounded off with spices.

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