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Burger, Burger, Burger...

... a topic that is in the full sense of the word on everyone's lips. Having grown out of the fast food, burgers are popular both with old and young and today are much more than the quick bite between. Burgers are in. Burgers are hip. Eating burgers is lifestyle. Worldwide! VEGETA interprets this trendy food theme in vegetarian style with tasty burger personalities.

VEGETA is trend-conscious, cosmopolitan and brings variety to the menu. Inspired by the lifestyle of international cities, VEGETA has developed delicious vegetarian burger recipes that convince in taste and appearance. With the delicious convenience products from the vegetable world of VEGETA everything is super easy and everything goes quick. Right then, off you go: ... on the VEGETA BURGER-TOUR, across the globe.


Sweet potato-amaranth burger

Vegan burger made from mild sweet potatoes, amaranth, chickpeas, parsnip and leek, complemented with selected spices.

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Chili burger

Piquantly spiced burger based on soya with kidney beans, sweetcorn, peppers and onions.

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Pumpkin-chia seed burger

Vegan burger made from butternut squash and chia seeds, refined with chickpeas, parsnips, spinach and peas, harmouniously balanced with herbs and spices.

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Parsnip-turnip rösti

Unbreaded rösti with parsnips, turnips, onions, oat flakes and crunchy pumpkin seeds, deliciously spiced.

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Falafel patty

Crispy patty made from chickpeas and wheat bulgur, refined with parsley and selected spices.

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Beetroot fritter

Fritter made from beetroot pieces, chickpeas, cucumber and onion cubes in a crispy sweetcorn breading.

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Nut-broccoli crispy square

Patty made from broccoli and oat flakes in a crispy breading with hazelnuts.

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Quinona-pea rissole

Vegan rissole made from quinoa and peas, refined with onions and spices.

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Spinach-carrot röst

Juicy rösti made from carrots and spinach, refined with crispy sunflower seeds.

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Kale-hemp burger

Vegan burger made from crispy kale and hemp seeds, parsnips and onions, complemented with selected spices.

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