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The VEGETA Philosophy

VEGETA is the specialist for innovative, deep-frozen vegetable convenience ideas and stands for original vegetarian delight from the world of vegetables. As market leader in the out-of-home market for deep-frozen vegetarian convenience products, VEGETA for more than 25 years set standards with regard to quality, service, innovation and best taste. 

With about 100 articles, including 25 vegan specialties, VEGETA offers the right product and the suitable selection for all segements of the out-of-home market to create varied vegetarian menus. High-quality raw materials, inspiration and creative recipes offer a unique product variety to the demanding kitchen professional.


The VEGETA-PRINCIPLE always guarantees natural product enjoyment without the need to declare additives on menus, without artificial colouring and preservatives for refined taste experiences from the vegetable world.


Carefully selected ingredients are the basis of all VEGETA products.

We attach particular importance to the use of seasonal ingredients, mainly of regional origin. Short transport routes and careful processing ensure that the taste of the raw materials is preserved.

Our quality management system consistently implements our high standards of sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Our close cooperation with customers and users, many years of experience and constant further development of modern production processes make it possible to surprise you quickly and flexibly with innovative products.

Focus on customer

Satisfaction of our customers, i.e. the consumers, users and trading partners, is a central goal of  ECF Group. We understand the different target groups and their specific needs and orient our actions and the development of our high-quality branded products accordingly.

It is the best compliment for us when guest says: This is delicious! The close cooperation with trade customers and users, many years of experience and constant further development of modern production processes allow us to react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers with the brand portfolio of the ECF Group. 

Quality and performance

It is our aim to supply the best products within our category and we are performance leader with regard to

  • product quality
  • customer value
  • selection of raw materials and know-how in the manufacturing process
  • consumer-oriented product development
  • trust and reliability

Profitable growth

A sustainably profitable growth is prerequisite for realisation of our principles, shaping of the future and ensuring of our entrepreneurial success.

Therefore, we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of the company, focus on our strengths, exploit all possibilities and do not waste resources.

Our ambition is to meet the needs of our customers better and more effectively than our competitors and thus grow faster than the market.