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Vegetarian, practical, varied and tasty ...

...is the motto of the new Vegeta mixed cartons.

The "Classic" and "Burger" mixkartons come along with ten times three creative and unique patties, fritters and rösti made from different ingredients.
They offer the possibility of varied vegetarian menu planning to smaller gastronomic businesses and only need little space in the freezer. Moreover, they provide costing certainty and flexible use.

Vegeta products are always trend-conscious, cosmopolitan and bring variety to the menu. As always, Vegeta guarantees quick, easy and fail-safe preparation for products delivered in mixed cartons. Get inspired by the creative possibilities with the Vegeta mixed cartons.

Your guests will be thrilled!

"Classic" mixkarton

Beetroot fritter

Fritter made from beetroot pieces, chickpeas, cucumber and onion cubes in a crispy sweetcorn breading.

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"Burger" mixkarton

Avocado-Quinoa Patty

Sophisticated vegetable mix from avocado, pumpkin, tomatoes and leek, rounded off with quinoa, oat flakes, herbs and spices.

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Nut-broccoli crispy square

Patty made from broccoli and oat flakes in a crispy breading with hazelnuts.

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Sweet potato-amaranth burger

Vegan burger made from mild sweet potatoes, amaranth, chickpeas, parsnip and leek, complemented with selected spices.

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Spinach-carrot rösti

Juicy rösti made from carrots and spinach, refined with crispy sunflower seeds.

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Pumpkin-chia seed burger

Vegan burger made from butternut squash and chia seeds, refined with chickpeas, parsnips and spinach, harmouniously balanced with herbs and spices.

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