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Win with the Veggie Pioneers!

In 1989, Helmut Falkenberg developed the first Vegeta vegetable specialties and thus did pioneering work for vegetarian delight in foodservice - it was the beginning of the Vegeta success story. With the recipe for our Crunchy Cauliflower-Cheese Medallions and many other Vegeta product ideas, Vegeta set new impulses for the trend towards a conscious, vegetarian diet already 30 years ago - always with quick and easy preparation.

Today, the product range of the # 1 in vegetarian foodservice for the out-of-home market includes more than 100 tasty and creative product ideas for variety on the menu, inspired by the motto: "Inspired by vegetables, created for enjoyment!" Join in!

Helmut’s recipe ideas on Vegeta’s jubilee

Recipe suggestion

Jubilee Asian style


10 pcs.Vegeta Cauliflower-Cheese Medallions
2 pcs.of onion, finely diced
1 tbsp.soya sauce
300 mlvegetable stocke
100 mlorange juice
10 pcs.mini pak choi, halved lengthwise
1 bunchof chives, cut into rolls
salt, pepper

Serve with poached eggs and a fruity tomato sauce.


Brown onion cubes until light brown and deglaze with soya sauce. Add stock and orange juice, put in the pak choi, cover and leave to sauté for abt. 10 minutes. Turn from time to time.

Season with salt and pepper and fold in the chive rolls.

Heat the Vegeta Cauliflower-Cheese Medallions according to preparation recommendations.

Plate up pak choi with the Cauliflower-Cheese Medallions.

Recipe suggestion

Jubilee Rustic style


10 pcs.Vegeta Crunchy Vegetable Schnitzel
10 pcs.onions, in slices
2 pcs.garlic clove
600mlvegetable stock
4 tbsp.aceto balsamico
1 tbsp.Worcester sauce
1kgpotato mash
sugar, Cayenne pepper, salt


Brown onions and garlic until light brown. Add Worcester sauce, stock and aceto, cook onions until soft. Add cream and spices, thicken a bit and season.

Fold in the chopped herbs.

Heat the Vegeta Crunchy Vegetable Schnitzel according to preparation recommendations.

Plate up beetroot and potato mash together with the Vegeta Crunchy Vegetable Schnitzel and add a bit of sauce.

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